About Us

About us



Barad Architectural Studio was established in 2009 By Bahram Badinrad.

Barad has been involved in various projects with different scales, such as: residential buildings, offices and workspaces, commercial complexes as well as renovation and reconstruction of private houses and public historical buildings, which are either built or are under construction.

In our design process, we try to benefit from all the positive capacities of the site and the project and convert it to a simple and clear soloution.

Our Location:

We are an office based in Tehran - Iran

Our Team

Bahram Badinrad

Bachelor of Architecture - Shahroud University

Termeh Kholdi

Bachelor of Architecture - South Tehran University

Parisa Hashemian

Master of Architecture - Harvard University

Farzaneh Hasani

Master of Architecture - Shahid Beheshti University

Arvin Joneidi

Bachelor of Civil Engineering - Science and Research Branch Tehran

Amin Ziaei

Master of Civil Engineering - Shahroud University