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Yousefian real estate agency

In this project, a limitation of a confined space stood before us, an apartment that desperately needed a renovation, a re-realization. The space was about to change its character from a legal advice office to a property consultants holding.The main question for us, therefore, became whether we could build upon visitors’ imagination to create an impression of a bigger space by choosing materials that can reflect this change in character. In order to root the project in our cultural heritage and bridge the renovated space with a sense of nature, we chose tree trunks as our transcending material in a way that could pull the viewers’ imagination out of the confined space ; thus making the impression that the space was larger and extended from what seemed available . As if it was not located in a dull apartment building but a selected piece of an extending garden. What was trivial at this stage was placing the tree trunks. For this purpose, first a strong circulation route was determined. Then these pure materials (tree trunks) were placed in slits that were critical, where the eyes could explore longer, where the space‚Äôs dimensions kept their elongation.

Barad Architecture Studio

Client: Mr Yousefian

Location: Saadat Abad, Tehran

Date: 2021

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